Mouse-eared Chickweed

Cerastium fontanum

Annual or more usually perennial. Reproducing by seed and by horizontal stems which root at the nodes and form dense patches. Seedlings: Seedling with stem; Leaves opposite. Stems: Nearly prostrate; As much as 50 cm (20 in.) long; Short upright branches; or stems erect if growing amongst taller plants.; Densely but very finely hairy; Soft; Often slightly sticky to the touch; Dark green; Round in cross-section with swollen nodes. Stems rooting from nodes which touch the ground, plant spreading by this means to form dense, matted patches. Leaves: Opposite (2 per node); Stalkless; Blades ovate (1- 2 cm, 2/5- 4/5 in. long); Covered with hair up to 2 mm (1/12 in.) long (hence the name “mouse-eared”)