Lamb’s Quarters

Chenopodium album

Annual, reproducing only by seed. Very variable in appearance. Seedlings: Cotyledons are narrowly elliptic, 12- 15 mm (4- 6 in.) long; upper surface is dull green, maroon on the underside; Mealy grey coating on young leaves; First 2 or 4 true leaves apparently opposite (2 per node); 20- 200 cm (8 in.-6½ ft) high. Stems: Branched or unbranched; Smooth; Green or with reddish or purplish lengthwise stripes and ridges. Leaves: All later leaves and branches distinctly alternate (1 per node); Stalked; Blades 3- 10 cm (1- 4 in.) long; Lance-shaped or more often broadly triangular; Irregular; usually shallow teeth; Green or greyish due to a covering of a white mealiness or powderiness, sometimes with reddish undersurface on young plants.