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Weed Apps and Sites

  • Association of Alberta Agriculture Fieldmen - (weed ID) - iOS | Android
  • WeedsBMP (for Rangelands- British Columbia) - iOS | Android
  • PlantWise - Invasive Species Council of British Columbia - iOSAndroid
  • Savvy Weed ID & Control - iOS | Android
  • EDDMapS Alberta or EDDMapS Ontario (does assist with ID) - iOS | Android
  • Weed ID (Monsanto Canada - assists with weed ID) - iOS | Android
  • Imap Invasives - (Sask geo-locate and reporting) - iOS | Android
  • Pesticide Labels App (Government of Canada) - iOS | Android
  • Report a Weed (BC weed geo-locate and reporting) - iOS | Android
  • Xarvio Scouting - iOS | Android

Weeds in Forages Information

Guide to Crop Protection

Provincial Invasive Species Councils

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Peace River

British Columbia Zones

Please refer to the WeedsBMP app for weeds of importance to rangelands and forages in British Columbia.



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