The part of an organ, such as a leaf, nearest its point of attachment. At the base, for example, basal leaves are produced from the base of the plant, at or near ground level.


Solution with pH above 7.0, the opposite of acidic. Basic is the same as alkaline. Basic compounds react with acids to produce salts.


A plant that completes its life cycle in two years. A true biennial is a plant that germinates, establishes and produces only vegetation in its first year and then produces vegetation and seed and dies in its second year. Sweet clover is a biennial.


The expanded, wide, usually flat part of a leaf. In grasses, the blade extends from the sheath and away from the stem.


Excessive accumulation of gases in the rumen.

Boot Stage

The stage in grasses when the head is enclosed by the sheath of the top leaf, also called the flag leaf stage. The flag leaf is the last leaf produced by the tiller.


An unexpanded leaf, shoot, branch or flower.


Grasses that produce no rhizomes or stolons, tufted.