Overall Mixture

  1. Select your soil or regional zone from the "Your Zone" box.
  2. Answer the next two questions (irrigation, reclamation) that will adjust the seeding rate appropriately.
  3. Forage U-Pick has also provided guidance for scenarios when an increased seeding rate will help set the stage for a successful forage stand. If required, please select a seeding percentage increase that you feel matches your situation most accurately.


  1. Select a forage species from the drop-down menu. The average seeds/pound for the species is used by the calculator.
  2. Select whether the seed is bare or coated. Coated seed will weigh an average of 20% more, resulting in fewer seeds per pound. Adjust percentage according to your retailer's coating information. Inoculation should not be considered as 'coated' unless it is applied with a hard, thick coating .
  3. Select the desired percentage of this forage species in the stand.
  4. Adjust the Pure Live Seed (PLS) or the purity and germination based on your seed lot information. The current settings are default minimums. Higher PLS in a seed lot results in fewer pounds per acre that need to be seeded.
  5. If desired, add the cost/lb of the forage seed.
  6. The seeding rate and cost (if entered) will be displayed in the box on the right-hand side. The summary of the mixture will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  7. Add additional forage species to your mixture by selecting the "add forage tab" and repeating the above steps.

Soil Zones

An interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada
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